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Why I Left Instagram

"Your Vibe attracts your Tribe" And my "tribe" just isn't on Instagram. And neither was I. I mean, not really. My heart just wasn't in it.
In all honesty, I don't know how to fully reach my tribe. Because my tribe is at home. My tribe is living in the moment. My tribe is embracing every moment with their little ones. They are putting their phones down, and looking up. They embrace face to face interactions. They are too busy to play "keep up" with all of the millions of Jones's on Instagram. Instagram was not where I could find my tribe.
Here's what I have learned about Instagram.... There are three types of people that use social media.
1. Those individuals that keep up with loved ones who live far away 2. The ones that like to show off 3. The ones that secretly obsess over those people that like to show off
It may be a little harsh but, when it REALLY comes down to it, that's basically what it is. Instagram is no longer a great …

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