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If you feel confident in writing a blog post on:

Positive parenting
Gentle Discipline
Life with kids
Parenthood hacks and tips
Stay-at-Home Momhood
Intentional living
Mental illness

Then please email me your submissions! 
I like my blog posts to be uplifting, helpful, relatable, and educational.
Do not be offended if I do not accept your submissions.
I need to keep my blog as consistent as possible as far as "vibes" go for the sake of my audience.

How the collaboration will work:

You write a post on one of the above topics.
I will post the full version on my blog, with an introduction to you and your blog, and of course, a link to your blog.
You will post a little snippet of the blog post on your blog with a link to the full featured post on my blog.
We will post on the same day, and share to our social media accounts (tagging each other, of course)!

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