How to Start Your Day On a Positive Note No Matter What!

This morning my daughter crawled into bed with us at around 7:30 AM.
Sometimes she falls back asleep until 8 when my husband gets up for work.
Other days, she wiggles and kicks and climbs on our faces to wake us up.
Today was one of those days.

If you have anxiety, you know that sleeping at night is frequently not very restful.
It is not uncommon for those with anxiety to have wild dreams that keep us anxious all night!
Not only do I have crazy stressful dreams, but I'm pregnant.
Pregnant= bad bad baaaad sleep!

So this morning when my child came into bed with us and started wiggling about, I was
not my most cheery self to say the least....
So at around 7:50 AM I snapped...just a little bit.
My husband got the picture, and he took Milani upstairs with him while he got ready for work.
That was when I did my morning ritual to start my day off on a positive note.
From one anxious mama to another, I encourage you to try one of the following suggestions...

Every morning I make a solid effort to start my day with FERVENT prayer.
Especially on mornings like today.
I swing my legs over the side of the bed and kneel. I plead with my Father in Heaven
to provide me with the strength, patience, and love required to be a "good" mom that day.
I ask God to help me remember my "training", or the things that I have learned and studied
on parenting. I pray that I will be able to apply it as much as possible. More so than
I did the day before.
I pray that I will be filled with peace and a positive countenance, and that it may
radiate from me and reach my household and my child(ren).
I pray that I may be able to handle my anxiety in a way that it will not interfere with my
relationships and parenting.
Etc. Etc. Etc.

Whether or not you believe in a specific "God", and you just believe in a "higher power", 
it doesn't matter.
You may not be "praying" to anyone in specific.
Just verbalize in your mind, and/or out loud what you wish for that day.
What you NEED for that day.

Positive Affirmations
If you are unaware of what this means, you can look up videos on YouTube to provide you
with some pretty awesome examples.
In fact, guided positive affirmations may be a great way to start until you get the hang of it
and come up with your own.
This is just as effective as prayer.

Recite to yourself OUT LOUD the things that you desire and/or NEED that very day.
It is important that you speak in present tense, in order for the affirmations
to have the best, most productive affect.
You may choose to say things like:

I am at peace with myself
I am filled with positive energy
I am a positive influence to those around me
I am a good mom
I have control over myself, and over my emotions
I apply the things that I have learned, every moment, of every day
Today, I am better than I was yesterday
I can overcome any challenge that comes my way

As you say these things OUT LOUD, you will begin to feel an immediate change in your
mood, and feelings, and your countenance will be uplifted.

Be consistent and persistent with whichever of these prompts you choose
 to apply to your morning ritual.
Give yourself time to recognize the difference that it will make in your every day life.

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